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Swords and Shadows
Swords and Shadows
April 16, 2024
1 min

Bloodshot eyes narrowed in concentration, Drusniel danced between the swaying bamboo stalks, his blade flashing like quicksilver. His opponent was a blur of alabaster hair and dark leathers, matching him step for step in their deadly dance.

Steel clashed against steel, the clang ringing through the misty forest. Drusniel gritted his teeth, his arms trembling as he strained against his foe’s strength. With a snarl, he shoved them back, whirling into a flurry of strikes.

Drusniel Bamboo Katana

But his adversary was too quick. They ducked and wove, hair whipping about like a lion’s mane, always a heartbeat ahead of Drusniel’s blade. Frustration mounted as he redoubled his attacks, seeking any opening.

There! Drusniel lunged, certain his thrust would find its mark. At the last instant, his opponent pivoted, flowing around his sword like river water around a stone. The wind left Drusniel’s lungs as an elbow slammed into his chest. He staggered back, struggling to regain his balance.

Cold steel kissed his throat. Drusniel froze, pulse pounding in his pointed ears. Slender fingers tightened on the blade, digging it in just shy of drawing blood. Slowly, he raised his gaze to meet eyes the color of glacial pools.

“Getting sloppy, little brother.” Shyntara smirked down at him, not a hair out of place.

Drusniel and Shyntara

Drusniel glowered as she withdrew her sword. “If I could use my magic, I would’ve had you.”

Shyntara scoffed, sheathing her blade with a sharp click. “Still clinging to that delusion? Magic only flows through noble blood, and ours has grown thin and feeble.”

The words stung worse than any wound. Drusniel looked away, jaw clenched. They thought him mad for believing in his own powers. But with Annariel by his side, he would prove them all wrong.

He would shake the very foundations of Umbra’kor—and perhaps the realms beyond.




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