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Main Characters

Step into the murky world of Astalor, where characters navigate the gray edges of morality, their destinies intertwined in a grim dance of power, betrayal, and survival.


Dark Elf

Drusniel, a young dark elf from a noble lineage, harbors a blend of naivety and an unyielding thirst for potent magic. His eyes, filled with youthful eagerness, contrast starkly against his dusky complexion. Every utterance and gesture exudes an earnest desire for power.

Skin Walker

Elion Wlux, a cunning skin-walker from the enigmatic alleys of Wyrmreach, is ensnared in a web of conspiracy that threatens the very fabric of his existence. His ability to shift forms has made him a key player in a game of shadows, where alliances are as fleeting as the faces he wears. Despite his mastery of deception, a glimmer of vulnerability lurks within his mercurial eyes, hinting at a past riddled with secrets and a heart that yearns for a place to belong.

Half-Orc King

Korgath Nargul, a formidable half-orc king, wields power with both savagery and cunning. His towering frame is a testament to his orcish heritage, while the sharp glint in his eyes betrays a keen intellect inherited from his human side. Scars crisscross his greenish-grey skin, each a silent witness to battles fought and won. Korgath's presence commands respect, his voice a deep rumble that resonates with authority. In his rule, he combines the ferocity of orcs with the strategic mind of humans, making him a leader both feared and revered.

Alchemist Goblin

Skrizek, a goblin alchemist of cunning intellect and dubious morals, finds himself in the murky service of a necromancer. Within the shadowed confines of a dank laboratory, Skrizek concocts potions and poisons that blur the line between life and death. His small, nimble fingers are as adept with a flask as they are with the darker arts, a testament to his unorthodox but effective methodologies. His loyalty to his necromancer master is as volatile as his concoctions, fueled by a mix of fear, ambition, and a perverse fascination with the forbidden.

Dark Elf

Zaelar Te'sarran, a powerful wizard drow, lives in seclusion in a tower replete with dungeons, rumored to have ventured into Wyrmreach and returned alive. His presence is commanding, marked by an otherworldly aura that whispers of dark secrets and ancient power. His eyes gleam with the knowledge of realms beyond, set in a visage as enigmatic as the mysteries he guards. Within his tower, hidden amongst treacherous lands, Zaelar delves into the arcane, seeking truths that others dare not ponder.

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