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Traversing Through Astalor's Historic Eras
Traversing Through Astalor's Historic Eras
April 16, 2024
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The Epoch of the Enlightened

In the beginning, there was nothing—an empty void that stretched endlessly in all directions. This was the Nothingness, a time before time itself. From this emptiness, a spark ignited, and the universe burst forth in a brilliant explosion of light and energy.

As the universe cooled and expanded, the first era began. In an age long past, the world Zyranthis was predominantly inhabited by humans. The Epoch of the Enlightened, as this era was known, stretched over several thousand years. It was a time untouched by the divine, with no gods to mediate or interfere in mortal affairs. Yet humans discovered different forms of ancient magic, including some that wielded the potential for unimaginable destruction.


This led to violent conflicts, with the very fabric of existence on the brink of annihilation. The communities went too far, and their arrogance unleashed an uncontrollable force of ancient magic that summoned 12 major gods, in addition to a number of minor gods.

The Period of the Primal Pacts

The gods, born of mortal folly, towered over humans in power and stature. At first, humans embraced the deities, forging an alliance that saw them offer magical artifacts to the gods. This alliance was mutually beneficial: the gods grew in strength, while human societies flourished.


However, humans couldn’t resist their natural tendency for conflict. Wars once again ravaged the land, with gods used as weapons. The world came dangerously close to destruction. The gods, faced with the chaos caused by their benefactors, were forced to step in. Rebellions were quelled, but at a great cost. Near the brink of global collapse, an armistice was finally agreed upon. This marked the establishment of the Primal Pacts: humans renounced all ancient magic, while gods vowed never to jeopardize their existence again.

Age of the Astral Architects

With the pacts in place, wealth gradually returned to Astalor, Zyranthis’s known upper region. Yet, the restless curiosity of mankind could not be suppressed for long. They began studying astral materials, and an innovative human named Veil Vance uncovered secrets hidden within the astral fabric itself.

Veil Vance

These discoveries were chronicled as the Chronicles of the Unwritten Scroll, and the new magic emerged.

The revelations from the Chronicles disrupted the harmony among the gods. Arguments ignited, loyalties shifted, and neutrality was abandoned.

However, the gods were bound by the Primal Pacts, preventing them from directly interfering with humans. To circumvent this, six of the gods engineered their own races. Three created beings of pure goodness: leafkins, dwarves and elves.

Good races

Their counterparts brought forth beings of pure evil: goblins, wyrmkins and orcs. The remaining neutral gods sought to balance these influences.

Evil races

However, keep in mind that the concept of good and evil is relative, and that we all possess a certain amount of both.

The Dawn of the Second Sun

Thus began a new era teeming with diverse species, gods more active than ever, and conflicts that encompassed entire regions and nations. Humanity was now part of a vast, intermingling tapestry of life forms, marking the Dawn of the Second Sun.

This was a time of controlled chaos, of gods influencing but not directly intervening.


Centuries passed as these species waged wars against each other. Just when the world had begun to achieve a modicum of stability, a clan of necromancers stumbled upon transmutation, creating the fearsome dragons from their less powerful cousins the Wyrmkins. These new creatures, boasting tremendous power, ushered in an era of unprecedented conflict. Gods responded by granting their followers additional power to counter the dragons, creating new magic that was distinct from ancient magic. Eventually, the dragons and many other dark creatures were banished to the remote region of Wyrmreach, with very few who ventured there ever returning.

And so, the world continues to evolve, shaped by the actions of gods and mortals alike. The future remains uncertain, but one thing is clear—the balance between good and evil, order and chaos, hangs in the balance. The fate of this realm rests in the hands of those who dare to shape it.

It may not be accurate, but this is how ancient people recalled it and what we may deduce from ancient writings.


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The Epoch of the Enlightened
The Period of the Primal Pacts
Age of the Astral Architects
The Dawn of the Second Sun

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